why condo is better than HDB in Singapore

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Condos are a great investment and are the best investment for Singaporeans. With the prices of HDB resale attaining a new high, HDB will become more expensive in the future. The price of condo is still affordable and it offers great opportunities for investment.

In Singapore, a condo is a type of low-rise residential building, located on the first, second, or third floors of a building, and typically having fewer than 10 units per building.

Condos are usually of three types: studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom. Condo units are usually sold for a price per square foot (psf), significantly lower than the price per square foot (psf) for HDB flat sales.

Condominiums are better than (HDB) in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

why condo is better than HDB?

HDBs were designed to be affordable, but they’re too small. They don’t provide enough space for a family to grow and stay in the same area. When families are forced to move up and down as they get older, they can no longer afford a condo.
Condominiums provide more space for the family to live in one area. This means that people who want to buy a condo can save more money on rent and utilities while still living a comfortable life. There’s also the convenience of being able to walk across your property and go out of your door without having to worry about whether or not you’re on an HDB block or not.

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You can’t install a swimming pool in an HDB flat

Swimming pools are a great way to relax and get some exercise in. Unfortunately, you can’t install a swimming pool in your HDB unit. You can set up an indoor swimming pool, but those take up a lot of space.
But condos give you the freedom to create your own living spaces with personal touches like adding a swimming pool or putting in a bar area.

You can’t add more rooms to an HDB unit

The biggest difference between condominiums and HDB units is that you cannot add more rooms to an HDB unit. This means that if you are living in a HDB unit, there is no room for expansion.

If your family expands, the only option is to move out. But with a condo unit, the amount of space can be increased easily and without any issue.
Another reason why condominiums are better than HDBs is because you can have many different types of units in one building.

You can have a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom or five-bedroom apartment all within one condo complex. This makes it easy for you to find a home when you want or need to expand your family without having to move out of your current neighborhood.

Condo allows you to buy more than one unit

The first and most obvious reason why condominiums are better than HDB is because you can buy more than one unit. There’s a limit to the number of units an HDB estate can have, so if you want to buy more units, you’ll need to invest in a condo.
Condos also allow for flexibility when it comes to interior design and maintenance. HDBs don’t allow any modifications to the exterior of your home, while condos give you the freedom to make changes. This includes making improvements like improving air-conditioning systems or adding balconies.

With condos, you can even build additional floors on your building without having to go through the approval process with the government again.

Condos are usually newer and safer

Condominiums are usually newer and safer than HDB flats, which have a lot of problems with defects. These defects can be easily fixed because the buildings are designed specifically for that purpose.

Additionally, units in condos are usually owned by the residents themselves, meaning they won’t have to worry about the building being shut down anytime soon.
Condominiums also tend to provide more amenities than HDB flats, such as swimming pools and gyms. Some condominiums even come with private grounds or gardens. If you want to start a family, a condo is definitely an option you should consider when looking for your new home.

There is no waiting list for condos

With condos, there is no waiting list. This means that you can get your dream home in the location of your choice. With HDB, if you want to live in a particular location, you have to wait for an available HDB flat to come up for sale.


What do you think about condos? What are the advantages and disadvantages of condo compared to HDB?
If you are are considering buying a condo in Singapore, here are some factors that may help you decide.

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