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Apartment living in Singapore isn’t for everyone, but it does have its advantages. While a small studio apartment may not leave much space for your personal belongings and the layout of your home, it will be enough to fit everything you need, from a single bed to a dining table and a kitchenette.
With that being said, there are a few things you should keep in mind before moving in with roommates or renting out an apartment.

Different types of apartments have different layouts, features and functions that you wouldn’t find in other types of homes.

This blog will give you an insight into what type of condo is best for you if you’re looking to rent or buy an unit in Singapore.

Which floor of Condo is best in Singapore?

If you’re looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the street level, and don’t mind a few extra steps each day, buying a unit on one of the middle floors might be the best option for you.

You’ll still have access to all the amenities of the building, without having to deal with any excess noise.

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What type of Condo is best in Singapore?

The first thing to consider is what type of condo you want. A lot of the condos in Singapore have three and four bedroom units, which may be more than what you’re looking for and can make your living space even more cluttered.

If you’d rather have a few smaller rooms, instead of one large apartment, then a studio condo may suit your needs better. Additionally, if you don’t mind sharing walls with other tenants or buying a condo that has multiple owners, then this is also an option.
If you’re looking to buy an apartment in Singapore, there are several different options that come with different features and layouts. Some condos are fully furnished while others are unfurnished and will require you to buy all furniture yourself.

If you want the convenience of having all furniture included when you purchase the property, then condos like these might be best suited for your needs. Some condominiums will have parking spaces while others won’t offer this feature at all.

These may be important factors to consider as they can add up quickly when commuting with a car or bicycle to the nearest train station or bus stop every day.
Finally, some condominiums will include amenities that aren’t available in other types of properties such as pools and gyms that are accessible from your unit’s lobby area so you can work out without having to pack up equipment or a gym bag every time.

Types of Apartments in Singapore

There are four types of condos in Singapore, namely:

– Studio apartments
– One-room units (usually studios)
– Two-bedroom units
– Three and four-bedroom units.
These different types of apartments have different layouts, features and functions that you wouldn’t find in other types of homes.
Studio apartments typically have a one to two person kitchenette, with a small living room, bathroom and wardrobe for clothes storage. They don’t offer a lot in terms of space or natural light.

You would be better off finding one with windows facing the east or southeast side of the building if you want natural light to filter into your home.

The floor plan is also very compact so you may need to leave some items at home just for storage purposes. Apartments with these layouts are highly affordable and suited for students who may be moving out after completing their education or if they want to stay on campus and commute every day.

Pros and cons of renting an apartment

The pros of renting an apartment are that it is cheaper than buying one. Renting a condo usually isn’t more expensive than renting a room in a house, but there are still some expenses you will have to bear. The most obvious expense is the rent, which could be anywhere from S$900-S$2100/month.

Not only this, but you will also have to factor in the cost of electricity and water bills for your unit as well as renewing your lease each year.
On the other hand, if you buy an apartment, there are less costs involved so you can use your savings on other things like furniture or groceries.

Also, with buying an apartment, you could get services like maid service or management services included with your purchase.

If you decide to buy an apartment that needs renovating or needs new fixtures and fittings then this is also something which will cost money in order to make it look nice and presentable for future buyers.

Pros and cons of buying an apartment

When you buy an apartment, there are a lot of pros to consider.
First of all, apartments come with a warranty that will protect your purchase against any defects for up to five years after the date of purchase.

This means that if anything goes wrong with your floor or building materials, you can get it fixed without having to worry about replacing the entire unit.

And when you use some of the services offered by condominiums in Singapore like laundry and concierge services, you don’t have to worry about those costs either!
The downsides of buying an apartment are that it does require quite a bit more investment than renting. With that being said, there are ways around this.

For example, you can always rent out the property and live elsewhere while keeping your property as a rental unit. Another option is to buy only a portion of the building and rent out the rest – it all depends on what type of property you’re looking for and how much room you want in your new home.
If you already own a condo in Singapore and would like to sell it, then selling is easier because there aren’t many regulations on how long you can continue living in it before selling it and moving on.
If buying an apartment is something that interests you but at the same time scares you away from making such an investment, then renting may be best for now until your situation changes and allows for buying one down the road.

Where to find a condo in Singapore?

Your first step would be to find a condo in Singapore that you’re interested in. You can start by looking online, or asking friends who have been around the block and are experts on this topic. Alternatively, ask your realtor what they know about condos and which ones they recommend.
Once you know what type of condos are available in Singapore, it’s time to narrow down your search further. There are many factors that come into play when choosing an apartment, from location to size and features. Make sure you do your research thoroughly before making any decisions about the type of home you want to buy or rent.

Finding an Owner’s Agent in Singapore

When it comes to finding your perfect condo, you’re going to need to find an agent who specializes in condos. An owner’s agent can help you determine the features and size of a unit that would best suit you.

They can also assist you with your relocation process so that everything goes smoothly, even if you’re moving far away from home.
The best part about having an owner’s agent? They will negotiate on your behalf, which means they will be able to lower the price for you!

Finding an Agency to Buy a Condo Off-Plan

Buying a condo off-plan is one of the most common ways to buy an apartment in Singapore. This is because you can get your dream apartment and design it exactly how you want it.

However, this also means that you have to deal with an agent who can help set up your apartment, as well as provide valuable insight into the process of buying a condo in Singapore. When looking for someone to help with your purchase, consider looking for an agent who specializes in off-plan properties.
This blog will give you a list of agencies specialized in condos and apartments on sale now which are worth investing in. If you’re planning on renting out or buying an apartment, these agents will be able to help you find exactly what you need.

Steps to take when buying a condo off plan in Singapore

First, let’s talk about the steps you should take before purchasing a condo of your own. Think about how much space you need, what features and amenities you want to have in your home and how you’re going to use it all.

For example, if you’re planning on renting out your home or moving in with roommates, consider the layout of the unit as well as its features and functions.

There will be some rooms that are going unused while others are used constantly. You should also think about what areas of Singapore you want to live in and whether they suit your needs. Some areas may be expensive while others may have better public transport options.


Being a first-time buyer of a property can be exciting and also stressful. But by following these tips, you’ll have a smoother and more enjoyable process.
Once you have found the type of property that best suits you, it’s time to find the right condo for you. It’s important to find a condo that suits your budget, lifestyle, and the location of your workplace. And if you are not sure where to start, finding a condo that is right for your lifestyle is easy!

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