Can HDB owner buy condo

Can HDB owner buy condo

Are you currently an HDB owner or occupant, curious about the feasibility of buying a condo in Singapore? If you've been pondering the question, "can I buy private property if I own HDB?" this article is here to provide you with comprehensive insights into the frequently asked questions and the regulations that govern such transactions. If you have been wondering "Can I own HDB and condo at the same...

annual value of property singapore

Annual Value of Property Singapore: How To Calculate

In Singapore, the annual value of a property is determined by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and is based on the estimated gross rental income that the property can generate in a year. What is Annual Value of Property? The annual value of a property is the estimated annual rental value that a property can generate if it were to be rented out. It is an important factor in...

Residential Property Sales in Singapore

10 Things of Residential Property Sales in Singapore

Residential property sales in Singapore, also known as one of the highest property sales rates in the world, with close to three new units per day. The number of residential properties sold in singapore is higher than most countries around the world as Singapore has one of the highest property sales rates in the world. There is a high demand for condo units in singapore because it is difficult to find...

Singapore property Market - MBS drone View

3 Factors Affect the Property Market in Singapore

The property market in Singapore is primarily driven by government policies, land supply, new condo launch rates and economic growth rate of Singapore. The government policies are formed to increase property value as well as to control the property market in Singapore. Land supply of Singapore has increased over the years from new condo launch rates of Singapore have also increased since 2008. In addition...

How Much Does A New Condo Cost In Singapore

How Much Does A New Condo Cost In Singapore?

Do you know how much does a new condo cost in Singapore? The Singapore government has made it very easy for foreigners to buy real estate, and even residential property. This new condo development is the first in Singapore to allow foreigners to buy it outright. 1. What's the CPF for My Condo? From the time you buy a condo in Singapore, you’ll need to pay CPF (the Central Provident Fund). The CPF is your...

luxury condo In Singapore

What is a Luxury Condo In Singapore? Top 5 Reasons To Consider Buying A Condo in Singapore!

What is a luxury condo In Singapore? A condo is a luxury residence. It is of the highest quality and can be found in a number of different types of locations. The condo can also range from one or two bedroom to penthouses or penthouse suites. A condo typically has a private park, pool or ocean-front property to enjoy. Condos offer residents an opportunity to own property within the city without owning...

New Condo launches In Singapore

6 Reason Consider New Condo Launches In Singapore

1. New condo launch in Singapore The launch of a new condo launch in Singapore is a new way of living for Singaporeans. With the launch of new condo launch, there are many new amenities that can be experienced, including shopping malls, restaurants and other amenities. New condo launch provide an option to live in a new community with all these great features at your doorstep. The price is alaffordable,ble...

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