New Condo in Hougang: The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Condo In Singapore

New Condo in Hougang

New Condo in Hougang

A limited number of premium grade and top-tier condominiums in the Hougang district have been available for sale for over a year now. If you are looking for a new condo apartment in Singapore, then you should start your search here.

From the moment you enter this site, your journey will be filled with many features that will help you to get the best deal.

Whether you are looking to buy a condo in hougang district or any other kind of property in Singapore, we hope that our site will help you choose the right property of your choice. Click here if you want to know more about buying condominiums or apartments in Singapore or any other property in Singapore by following any link at the bottom of this page.

1. Condo developments are the best way to be close to the school, office and facilities that you need

A condo development is a good investment for Singaporeans looking to move to the centre of Singapore. The Singapore government has made it easy for foreigners to invest in new condo developments in Hougang, and so the town is now a hotbed of affordable housing options for expats and locals alike.
This post provides a comprehensive guide to buying a condominium in Hougang that offers everything you need.

In particular, we focus on the various types of units available in the district:

• Duplexes
• One- and Two-bedroom Condos (Condo sizes range from 3 or 4 bedrooms up to 6 bedrooms)
• One-bedroom Townhouses (Condo sizes range from 1 or 2 bedrooms up to 2 or 3 bedrooms)
• Cross-subsidized Townhouses (Townhouse sizes range from 2 or 3 bedrooms up to 6 bedrooms)
•  You don’t need an architect when buying your condo – here’s why!
• The GRC is looking at new ways to encourage developers to develop more affordable housing for low-income workers and small businesses…and condominiums are one way we can do this!
• There’s also a Department of Urban Redevelopment website where you can find out about subsidized housing projects in Hougang and how you can get involved!

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2. You can enjoy a wide range of facilities in your condo including a swimming pool, gymnasium and shuttle bus services

Hougang is a prime real estate development by the government of Singapore. It is located in the heartland of the city. This area offers two distinct sides; Hougang Central and Hougang South. They are developed by different housing estates, namely, Hougang Central and Hougang South.

Hougang Central has an abundance of facilities including:

– A shopping mall (Market@Hougang)
– 3 international schools (Sinai International School, French International School & Hong Kong International School)
– An Olympic-sized swimming pool (World Pool)
– An air-conditioned gymnasium and gyms (Gymnasium)
– An all-purpose hall (Davenport Hall)
– A multi-purpose hall (Sunsia Hall)
– A multi-purpose hall (Theatre Hall)
– Multiple dining halls for both boys and girls at different levels of ability
– Aircon, air-conditioning in all the halls, pantry, cloakrooms, mess halls etc.
– A wet market where you can buy fresh produce – Small playgrounds to keep kids busy between meals
– Playgrounds for children with wheelchairs and buggies
– Convenient office space for tenants who don’t want to rent an entire condo
– Multiple parking spaces where tenants can park their cars or bikes safely – Carpets in all the hallways so no more squishing your feet on sand when you walk/run around too much! There are many more facilities such as water parks, fitness centres and hotels galore! You can also go to the other side of town to see what it’s like there.

3.The prices for a unit are very affordable compared to those in central Singapore. For example:

1 Bedroom: $1,200 per month*
2 Bedroom: $1,800 per month*
3 Bedroom: $2,300 per month*
4 Bedroom: $2,600 per month*
*Rates average and subject to change without notice!

4. The Hougang district is a great

Hougang is a great district, with a mix of modern shopping malls, office buildings and houses. It’s not uncommon to find a new condo here, particularly if you’re looking for something affordable.

But it’s also hard to find an affordable condo that comes with all the amenities you might expect in a typical Hougang condo:

  • A balcony (and even a patio)
  • A gym (so you can actually live some yoga)
  • A swimming pool (since Singaporeans are known for their love of the water)
  • Wifi (no need to plug in anymore, just surf the web on your laptop or tablet)
  • Fitness centres (if you want to get into shape on your own time). Or if you don’t like working out and prefer to sleep late every day – there’s even a basketball court for that too.
  • And if you prefer one-time use instead of weekly rentals – we have one-time use units here too! The 3183-3248 block has units ranging
  • from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. Most have their own pools, gyms and spas. There are also exclusive outdoor spaces available here like the 3226 block which has its own green areas and beautiful landscape landscaping – perfect for those who enjoy walking and biking around Hougang Park. And yes, they do allow pets!

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