New Condo At Tampines | Few Reasons Why You Should Buy A Condo There.

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This upcoming new condo at Tampines MRT Station, list of condo projects. Price, floor plans & site plans. How it compare to other condo?

Condominium at Tampines MRT Station

We are rapidly approaching the end of our lease and we are about to move out of our current condo at Tampines MRT Station which will be demolished to make way for new condominiums. Since we can’t afford a new apartment in Singapore, we are hoping that the condo plot at Tampines is still available.

The plot is huge, roughly 4 thousand sq ft (350 sq m). It has three floors and 18 units. The price is 2 million S$ (approx. S$3000 / sq ft) which is slightly more than the price of our current unit but it includes a two-year renewal of the lease which allows us to extend by another two years if we want.

I hope this helps you in your decision on whether you should buy or rent a condo at Tampines MRT Station.

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Condo Pricing

New condo at Tampines MRT station, list of condo projects. Price, floor plans & site plans. How it compare to other condo?

This is a new post from my old blog, it’s not as funny anymore but there are some interesting things here.

We recently completed our first 3-bedroom apartment development in Bukit Timah and have been in the process of marketing it to potential buyers since. It’s an interesting project with three distinct stages: pre-construction, construction and completion. The pre-construction stage lasts for the entire duration of construction (about a year) while construction begins immediately after the completion of the pre-construction phase (which usually takes about six months). The pre-construction stage is where most of the marketing takes place and is also where most people first come across our name as we have quite a few advertisements in local media (including Channel NewsAsia and Singapore Daily) during this period. A lot of people ask us how much we pay for marketing during this stage (and where do we get our money from?) but the answer is simple: we put in whatever amount we think will be required to market ourselves well enough to capture interest from potential buyers during this period. We then wait until the end of construction (usually around 8 months after completion) when everything else is complete and start marketing again, this time more actively and with more emphasis on selling rather than just selling what we have already sold.

That said, there are some other factors which can impact price:

  •  Timeframe: If there are substantial delays in building works or if certain aspects are delayed (for example, materials being delivered on time), then price may be impacted by this factor as well – hence long lead times also tend to increase prices generally.
  • Location: Location can also play a role here – as shown by our project adjacent to one that was completed around 15 months ago (it took about 3 years for them to finish theirs – yet they did so at a higher cost overall). Also look at how developers place their advertisements here compared to other areas within Singapore – there were two other condominium projects built in the same location between 7 years ago and now but they didn’t have any advertisements at all 🙂
  • End date/build date: Pricing above depends on end date/build date; ie, if you build late than your pricing goes up depending on your end date/build date –

 Comparison with Other Condo Projects in Singapore

Compare with other condo projects in Singapore. If there are other condominium projects in Singapore that you want to compare, then look at the following list:

1.HTC Heights (Hong Leong)
2.Tampines Garden View (Tampines MRT)
3.Bhaumik House (Bhaumik)
4.Raffles Town Tower (Raffles MRT)
5.The Residences (Singapore Expo City)

Conclusion: New Condo At Tampines


We’re sure you’re aware that in the recent past there have been several stories about how this company’s new condo at Tampines MRT Station is not available for purchase. Having just moved out of my old place in Singapore, I can tell you that these stories are not just fiction and I have been living with the same house for 5 years now. And after living here for a long time and seeing the condo, it’s actually pretty cool!

This condo is located at Tampines station (the future site of The Star) and it’s rated as one of the best condos on sale in Singapore. It has three bedrooms (two bedrooms share a bathroom), one private balcony, and another one shared with other tenants. The unit also has parking space and the building provides traditional amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna etc… So if you can afford to live here, it might be worth checking out before you buy your next one 😉

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