Is Executive Condominium Worth Buying?

Is Executive Condominium Worth Buying?

“Is an Executive Condominium (EC) worth buying?” This question often looms large in the minds of prospective homebuyers in Singapore, contemplating their housing options. With the real estate market offering a diverse array of properties, each with its own set of benefits and considerations, assessing the value of an EC purchase and if an EC is worth buying is crucial. From its unique blend of affordability and upscale living to the eligibility criteria and potential for appreciation, an EC investment unveils a landscape ripe with opportunity and potential.

In this article, we embark on a journey to answer the question, “Is Executive Condominium Worth Buying?” as we explore the various facets that make ECs a compelling choice in Singapore’s dynamic housing market.

What are Executive Condominiums?

Before we even try to answer the question of whether an executive condo is worth buying, it is important to first have a good understanding of what an executive condo is.

An Executive Condo is a type of housing option available exclusively in Singapore. Introduced by the government in 1994, ECs were designed to cater to the needs of the “sandwich class” – households with moderate to high incomes, but not affluent enough to afford private condominiums. ECs are developed and sold by private developers, but they are subject to certain eligibility criteria and ownership restrictions imposed by the government:

  • Ownership and Eligibility Criteria: To purchase an EC, buyers must meet specific requirements set by the Housing & Development Board (HDB), including citizenship, family nucleus, and income ceiling. For instance, at least one of the buyers must be a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident, and they must form a family nucleus, such as being married or in a family relationship. Additionally, there are income ceilings imposed to ensure that ECs remain affordable for the target demographic.
  • Privileges and Restrictions: Upon the initial minimum occupancy period (MOP), typically 5 years upon completion, Executive Condos are considered private properties, granting their owners similar privileges and rights as those of private condominium owners.

Executive Condominiums vs Condominiums

Condos and ECs stand out as two popular housing options in Singapore, each offering distinct features and considerations for prospective buyers. Find out more about the advantages of an EC in this article.

How much is an Executive Condominium?

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of Executive Condominiums is their affordability compared to private condominiums. While ECs offer similar facilities and lifestyle as private properties, they are priced lower due to government subsidies and regulations. Moreover, eligible buyers may also avail themselves of housing grants and subsidies provided by the government, further reducing the financial burden of purchasing an EC.

In 2024, the price per square foot (psf) range for a new Executive Condo typically ranges from S$1,179 psf to S$1,591 psf. In absolute terms, a new launch EC in Singapore can start from S$1.142 mil for a 3-bedroom unit, as compared to an average of S$2mil for a 3-bedroom unit in a private condominium.

Here are two popular EC new launches with affordable prices:

north gaia

North Gaia



Conclusion: Is Executive Condominium Worth Buying?

In conclusion, the decision to purchase anEC hinges on various factors including affordability, eligibility criteria, and long-term investment potential. While ECs offer attractive features and amenities at a more affordable price point compared to private condominiums, prospective buyers should carefully consider their financial situation, future plans, and eligibility requirements before making a decision.

Ultimately, for eligible buyers looking for a balance between affordability and lifestyle amenities, an EC can indeed be worth buying, provided they align with individual circumstances and goals.

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