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A condo is a type of residential real estate in Singapore that consists of individual apartments or units. Condos are an ideal type of property for those who wish to own their own home but do not want to deal with the hassle and maintenance of owning a detached house or garden apartment.
Furthermore, a condo is more suitable than a terrace house, townhouse or similar type of property due to its low maintenance needs and compact layout. Read on to learn more about how many person can stay in condo in Singapore, as well as the various types of condos available.

How many person can stay in a condo in Singapore?

A condo typically has an area of about 50 to 100 square meters, and is designed for 2 people. However, Singapore has strict laws regarding the occupancy of residential units and the number of occupants in a unit. A typical unit can hold up to 3-6 people but only when it is divided into three rooms.

URA regulations state that the number of non related persons renting cannot exceed 6 for a rented condominium.

Unrelated persons refer to anyone who is not part of the same family unit.

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Types of Condo Units

Condominiums are a relatively new type of property in Singapore. They were first introduced in the 1980s, and they are expected to become the most popular type of residential real estate by 2020. Condominium units can be either standalone or parcel-linked, the latter being much more common.
A standalone condo consists of individual apartments or units that do not share any walls with other buildings. In contrast, parcel-linked condos link a set of parcels together to form one building unit. This means that parcel-linked condos have shared walls with other buildings.

Types of Condo Units:

There are three types of condo units available:
– One Bedroom/One Storey Unit – Two/Three Bedroom/Two/Three Storey Unit – Four/Five Bedroom/Four/Five Storey Unit

The amount of people you can stay at a condo unit depends on the size of your unit:
– One Bedroom/One Storey Unit: 1 person per unit (2 people maximum)

– Two/Three Bedroom/Two/Three Storey Unit: 2 persons per unit (4 people maximum)

– Four/Five Bedroom/Four/Five Storey Unit: 4 people per unit (5 people maximum)

Rental Price Per Square Feet

While the price of a condo may vary depending on the size and location, the average cost of a condo in Singapore is approximately S$70,000. However, this is not always the case. Condos can be purchased for as little as 20% of their original price because there are many factors that can affect the rental rate, including building size and location.
The rental rate per square foot for a condo ranges from about S$1,800 to S$4,000. While this does not necessarily mean that every square foot is rented out when it comes to condos, it does give an idea of what to expect for these homes based on its unique layout and size.

What’s the Typical SSTC Unit?

The typical SSTC unit is a semi-detached property which is linked to another home. This means that there are two units on one site and the roof of the property is shared between the two units. The floor plan of an SSTC unit can be differently divided as it was designed to accommodate different needs. However, it will typically be split into two or three bedrooms with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a large veranda.
Each property has its own parking lot and comes with exclusive use of the garden space. There are also swimming pools reserved for residents.

SST Condo FAQs

How many people can live in a condo in Singapore?
A condo can accommodate up to eight occupants, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one living/dining area.

Is it possible to move into a condo in Singapore before buying one?
It is not possible to move into a condo before purchasing the property.

What are the types of condos available in Singapore?
There are various types of condos available in Singapore that vary based on the respective size, layout and location of the property. For example, there are luxury condos that offer sweeping views of Singapore’s skyline from their rooftop gardens as well as affordable starter homes for those who want to start life without a large initial investment.


Singapore’s condominiums have been steadily increasing in popularity. But with the high demand comes a high price tag.
So if you’re looking to purchase, there are a few questions to ask yourself before making your decision.

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