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It is really convenient to go to both locations from the condo’s location. The main area is home to a plethora of shops, including cosmetics and clothing stores, as well as eateries. It is also in close proximity to monorail and metro stations, allowing you to get to notable locations such as Ion Orchard or Fairprice Shopping Centre in a short amount of time by public transportation.


It is, on the other hand, a significant distance away from LRT stations and bus stops.


Singaporeans are the fastest growing market in the world when it comes to purchasing a new property. Although properties in this precise category do not yet exist in Australia or New Zealand, their foreign counterparts are awash with them, and the prices in these countries reflect that fact as well.


Markets that carry everything a Singaporean needs, such as Mustafa market and Far East Plaza, are popular shopping destinations for the locals. Both markets are within walking distance of one another. It is also near to the Golden Village movie complex, which has recently been rebuilt to include contemporary elements like as conservatories and extravagant roofs.


Because the LRT stations are accessible via the Cat train, there is no need for a shuttle service to connect them when traveling throughout the region.


Singaporeans are known for their love of convenience, and this will be an excellent site for them.


Singapore’s Real Estate Market

As of right present, the housing market in Singapore is seeing rapid expansion. One factor contributing to its expansion is the supply and demand for real estate, which is important for investors searching for a successful investment opportunity. The majority of the units that have been built within the gated community have been sold in less than two months after their opening.


Singapore offers a diverse selection of cuisines from throughout the world, with a strong emphasis on Asian cuisines and the Indian subcontinent. The diversified population of the country, which is mostly made up of Chinese, Malay, and Indian ethnic groups, with lesser numbers of people from all around Asia, has resulted in a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. The great cultural variety of Singaporean culinary culture is no surprise given the fact that many Southeast Asian visitors travel to this nation primarily to sample the cuisine that they missed while on their journey through the country’s countryside.


Launch of a new condominium building

It is beginning to close the gap between the new launch and secondhand markets. It’s a more accessible environment for purchasers, and new developments are being introduced on a more frequent basis when compared to previous launches of new condo projects in Singapore, which may be compared to other cities such as London, Japan, and so on.


New launches can be found in neighborhoods that are adjacent to retail malls as well as public transit options, for example.


It is only a short drive away from the Singapore Central Area Mall and Orchard Central, which have long been favorites of this market sector due to the fact that it caters to everyone’s needs, regardless of fashion sense or personal taste.


The New Launch Condominium is a new condominium development that will open its doors to the general public in 2018. The soft launch of a new launch condominium project is often followed by the opening of sales at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.


Executive Caondo

A luxurious executive condo in the sumptuous and sophisticated Greenwich area is available for buy through ec. It was announced by the EC in April 2017 that two condos will be released.


3 bedroom apartments with vaulted ceilings and residences that are 6 meters wide are among the features of the condominium that are intended to provide residents a sense of individual privacy and independence.


A proposal for the ecological idea has been made for ec’s architectural design, which incorporates plants into its enormous areas for the creation of dreamlike greenhouses. The corner position is surrounded by urban surroundings such as bustling retail malls or well-known monuments such as the Singapore Flyer, which is located next to an expressway.


Even if there are several amenities at ec, it is difficult to say without raising the question of how accessible these areas may be for Singaporeans who travel on public transportation on a daily basis owing to the distance between their houses and these facilities.


The property is a freehold.

The freehold property has an internal rate of return (IRR) of 15.14 percent. This is a fantastic return, especially considering that the unit pricing in this development starts at S$2,398 per square foot. The rupee is now trading at 2.54 percent, which suggests that you will need to make enough money to cover the transaction deposit and payback duration in around 6 years on average (the time span for repaying the loan).


General Singaporeans will have a difficult time getting to the property if they arrive early. In the case of Singapore’s older population, this would be unsuitable since they could have physical and mental problems that limit their mobility and transportation needs, or they might not be aware of bus routes that run near LRT stations. Senior citizens, on the other hand, may access ec by using public transportation because they tend to frequent shopping centers on a regular basis.


So, Is a Leasehold Condo a Better Investment?

1. Leasehold is the word used to describe a property that is sold to you by your landlord with the opportunity to acquire the property at a later date, such as when you reach retirement age or for some other reason. There are two kinds of leasehold properties:


Purchasing a leasehold unit is a wise option if you are looking for long-term security and flexibility in ownership without having complete control over your condo as well as financial appreciation on resale value at the conclusion of the 99-year lease period (ie 2x 50 percent profit).


What exactly is leasehold?

1. Each condominium unit is priced between $187,000 and $200,000, with an average peak floor size ranging from 81 sq m to 84 sq m per apartment.


In addition to a rooftop pool and gymnasium, the property will have an 825 square foot fitness facility that will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for customers to enjoy all year round, with same-day access for exercise at peak periods.


3.) Parking spaces, covered walkways, and guarded gatehouses are also available as amenities.


If you buy at around S$300 per square foot, this condo has the potential to be sold for more than $1 million in 25 years, which would allow a person to recoup their investment in as little as 6 months. If you buy at around S$300 per square foot, this condo does not have this resale value, making it a better investment.

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